Rob Smith

I've lived on the east coast and in Pennsylvania, but choose to live and write from the north coast in my native Ohio. Davis McGowan, who first appeared in McGowan's Call, has also settled in with his midwestern sensibilities. In the book that I'm currently writing, he is working in Cleveland and unaware that a serial killer is moving through the neighborhoods.
Readers of Night Voices should be happy to know that Shrader Marks: Keelhouse is being released in early April 2012. It is actually a double novel. The first book is a lightly edited Night Voices, and the second is Keelhouse which concludes the saga. The publisher has priced it at the same cost as either book by itself. What a deal!
For those who have no clue about anything in the previous two paragraphs, Welcome to the world of my imagination! I am just an obscure writer who keeps on writing, and the encouragement of those who like my work is a real plus! If you are a reader, why not beg, borrow, or buy one of my books and join in the adventure.
Now for somethng completely different:

Sand Dollar Island