Who is Davis McGowan? 
McGowan began his literary existence in 2007 in McGowan's Call. His story begins as a young minister in Hatteras, a small river town in the Ohio Valley. Career advances take him to Dayton, Ohio and, after the fishbowl of a small town, the relative anonymity of a metropolitan area provides new opportunities. He learns, however, that, regardless of demographics, his profession sets him in an unusual position. He is the perpetual 'outsider' with access to 'insider' information. He interacts with people in critical life situations and finds that he holds the pieces of a larger puzzle. The result creates a tension which drives a larger story.
     The McGowan books are from the imagination of author and poet, Rob Smith. As the author explains, "I thought that I was done with McGowan after McGowan's Call, but Davis insisted that there were more stories to write!"
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